Chipware Technologies is a technology solution provider company in the domain of VLSI, System Design Services, Distribution of leading VLSI Tools and Training. We are headquartered in Bangalore, India. Chipware Technologies was formed in 2012, and is a privately held company with an aim to deliver quality solutions & support in all the business areas that we serve.

Our Services offerings include Engineering Services like Turn Key Systems Design including PCB Manufacturing, Silicon solutions and Distribution of EDA tools. We also provide Information Technology Services like Website Development, Mobile Apps Development (iOS and Android), Public Cloud based development & maintenance (AWS, Azure, VPS, Google Cloud), Shared & Dedicated hosting etc,.


Chipware Technologies brings you the best technology to implement your ideas and get the best results in the specified given time. Digital design flow regardless of technology is a fully automated process. Design flow consists of several steps and there is a need for a toolset in each step of the process. Modern FPGA/ASIC designs require a complete set of Computer Aided Design tools.


Chipware Technologies has many years of experience providing high quality VLSI design services, right from RTL to GDSII. Our Engineers are highly experienced and take up the challenges of complex designs. Our clients range from the multi-nationals and various Defense organizations (DRDO’s).


Chipware Technologies has the capability to collaborate with it clients to enhance the development at the System level based on the project and requirements. Chipware Technologies offer specialist who are experts in the design study, optimization and customization to implementing the complex designs to get the desired results.


Chipware gives support in configuring and maintaining Cloud Services like Amazon Web Services (AWS Devops), Virtual Private Cloud (VPS), Dedicated and Shared Hosting. We also provide services like Website Development with latest standards, Web Services like REST API development, Google Map integration etc. We develop mobile apps both iOS and Android. Read more…